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30+ Long Distance Relationship Quotes For Lovers

Long distance relationships are often taken for some challenges. After all, love is strengthened by the actual activities you do with your loved one. But then, these activities become irrelevant if you live too far away because you simply cannot share them. You cannot enjoy their presence, not to mention the physical contact. Sometimes, you

30+ Quotes About Love – Through Passionate People’s Eyes

Love can definitely be described in a series of different ways. Different people perceive it in completely different manners. One thing is sure though – love has nothing to do with culture, age, religion, sex or society. It simply shows up out of nowhere. It does not ask you how old you are or whether

Top Quotes About Being Happy

It is hard to think of a more philosophically analyzed concept than happiness. Happiness has preoccupied the wise brains of humanity, even since the beginning. According to Aristotle, this is the sense and purpose of life – the entire finality of existence. Baruch Spinoza has also tried to meditate and come up with a meaning

Top Quotes about Moving On

Life is full of ups and downs and there’s often times in life when you’ll hit a major obstacle that is hard to overcome. However, the only way to overcome a traumatic or stressful experience is to simply move on. That being said, moving on is more difficult than it sounds. In this article, we’ll

20 Great Football Quotes

Unrelenting warriors battle up and down a frigged field, every weekend, for nothing more than to say they walked away the conquering team. Fans of the sport pack into every major stadium around the country to watch their teams do battle in a modern day Coliseum. While the NFL has been in some hot water

Basketball Quotes: For A Love of the Game

It’s the end of the fourth quarter; two minutes left on the board. Your team’s down by ten, and your lungs feel like fire every time you take a breath. The sweat rolling down your head burns your eyes, making it difficult to stay focused on the game. It’s make or break time for you

20+ Unrequited Love Quotes

We have all been stuck in the clutches of that soul crushing monster known as unrequited love. There is no greater pain in this world than to love somebody, and not have that feeling reciprocated in return. Sometimes it can happen quite suddenly, while at different moments it can take hold over time. Like a