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20 Insightful Lauren Conrad Quotes

Lauren Conrad may have got her start on reality TV, but now she’s become quite an influential figure for many. The young starlet got her start on MTV’s Laguna Beach back in 2004 and later got her own spin-off show called The Hills. Both shows documented the lives of her and her friends. The Hills

20 Great Football Quotes

Unrelenting warriors battle up and down a frigged field, every weekend, for nothing more than to say they walked away the conquering team. Fans of the sport pack into every major stadium around the country to watch their teams do battle in a modern day Coliseum. While the NFL has been in some hot water

10 Quotes by Sir Terry Pratchett

Sir Terence David John “Terry” Pratchett, (28 April 1948 – 12 March 2015) was one of the most prolific writers of our century. His Discworld series consist of about forty novels, not counting the numerous spin-off books. Even though his first book in 1971 had nothing to do with his profound fantasy world, since The

Frozen Quotes – Unforgettable Witty Quotes From Frozen

The movie Frozen written and Directed by Jennifer Lee is termed as the coolest movie of 2013. It’s an animated comedy adventure where the Queen Elsa, a newly crowned to be queen accidentally uses her special powers and turn everything into ice. Her sister Anna along with a snowman, a mountain man and his reindeer

Basketball Quotes: For A Love of the Game

It’s the end of the fourth quarter; two minutes left on the board. Your team’s down by ten, and your lungs feel like fire every time you take a breath. The sweat rolling down your head burns your eyes, making it difficult to stay focused on the game. It’s make or break time for you

French Sayings about Love and Life

French is frequently called the language of adoration and some of the best extraordinary French love sayings are utilized the world over even as general language. Je t’aime is referred to all around as the French method for saying “I love you,” and there are numerous more French expressions you can use to make clear

10 Inspiring Quotes by Leonard Nimoy

I would love to start this article using the present tense. To say who Leonard Nimoy is, to announce his plans for the future, to reveal his next convention appearance. Sadly, Leonard Nimoy is with us no more. He sadly passed away in February 27th, 2015. So, who was Leonard Nimoy? Leonard Nimoy was, first

20+ Unrequited Love Quotes

We have all been stuck in the clutches of that soul crushing monster known as unrequited love. There is no greater pain in this world than to love somebody, and not have that feeling reciprocated in return. Sometimes it can happen quite suddenly, while at different moments it can take hold over time. Like a

20+ Hippie Quotes and Sayings about Life, Peace and Love

Drugs, sex, and rock n’ roll. This is what I thought the hippie movement was all about when I was younger. I saw posters of colorful young people, with oval glasses covering their eyes, joints in their hands, flowers on their head. I knew of Woodstock and John Lennon. I knew that my father used

20 Funny Snooki Quotes

Nicole Polizzi, better known by pop culture as Snooki, is a very funny girl. Made famous while on MTV’s hit show “Jersey Shore,” the pint sized “guida,” was always a favorite on the show for her wild and crazy antics and unusual vocabulary. She spoke her mind and didn’t care what anyone thought of her,