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20 Chelsea Handler Quotes

There’s no denying that Chelsea Handler is a funny woman. The comedian, TV host, author, actress, writer and producer can do it all! Her late-night talk show called “Chelsea Lately” on the E! Network was a huge success and had a big following and now that it’s over, fans can’t wait until her new show

10 Quotes on Terrorism

Last Tuesday, the media made sure the whole planet knew that terrorism, ISIS, was responsible for just another American death. Kayla Mueller, a 25 years old activist, was confirmed dead after her captors sent a message accompanied with relevant photos. They claimed she was killed during a Jordanian airstrike. The media has reasons to believe

To Kill a Mockingbird Quotes

To Kill a Mockingbird is one of those books you can’t escape from. Beautifully written, carefully thought, this book is a woman sharing her thoughts in the most sincere way possible. Published in 1960, it was immediately successful, winning the Pulitzer Prize, and in the process became an American classic. The novel is dealing with

10 Inspiring Stephen Hawking Quotes

What do we know about Stephen Hawking? Most people know almost nothing. Maybe that he is some kind of scientist, almost certainly the fact he is stuck in a wheelchair and speaks like a robot. Quite unfair, if we start listing his achievements. Born in 1942, he is an English theoretical physicist, cosmologist, author, and

20 Twilight Quotes About Love

The Twilight Saga is hugely popular among teenagers and young adults, with a large and dedicated fan following and some pretty romantic quotes. The first installment of the Twilight movie series was released on November 21st, 2008. This first movie brought in over $7 million in ticket sales from midnight showings on the 21st. The

Freedom of Speech Quotes

Freedom of Speech is a very controversial subject, and with the recent events in France, more timely than ever. I could waste tons of good quotes here in this introduction – but I won’t. Too many people have fought for the right to speak freely without censorship. Too many people have died for this right to

20 Memorable Tom Ford Quotes

Besides his role as a director of an Oscar nominated film, Thomas Carlyle Ford “Tom” is a well renowned American fashion designer, celebrated for quite a number of achievements. He shot to fame when he saw Gucci experience a major turnaround, for the better. He is also celebrated for creating the Tom Ford label. In

20 Fitness Motivation Quotes

A fine and toned body with the perfect curves and edges is everyone’s dream. We want to achieve it for so many reasons; be it satisfying self-consciousness, impressing someone or just to feel beautiful. Our body and its shape is a very important factor in our appearance but most of the times we are least concerned

20 Sassy Kate Spade Quotes

Kate Spade at the outset started offering essentially satchels, yet unavoidably associated with merge stationery, singular facilitators, area books, shoes, radiance items, fragrance, jackets, robe, and eyewear. It now similarly has a full women’s attire line. In 2004, “kate spade at home” was dispatched as a home assembling brand. It characteristics bedclothes, shower cloths/items, china,

16 Neil Gaiman Quotes on Life and Writing

Writing is not easy. Writing is for those who write well. I do not write well.  Familiar thoughts? Maybe you are an aspiring writer trying to figure out your craft. Maybe you are trying to make sense of what kind of writer you are. Maybe you are doubting if you are a writer at all.