Country Girl Quotes

While city life is wild and exciting, many girls prefer to spend their time in the country. The tranquillity and the beauties of nature help to soothe fraught nerves and help them rejoice at their escape from the city’s frantic pace. Vacationing or visiting the city can be insightful and stimulating, but for many, home is in the wide-open spaces of the countryside.

Country girls love to be wooed. They love to be treated like someone special. A country girl loves to see that you want her attention and are willing to fight a little for it.

They are adventurous, sassy and don’t mind a little mud. Hair color doesn’t matter, ’cause country girls do it better. Country girls are fun to be with, take them on a ride in the country, and you will both have the time of your life.

We have compiled our 20 favorite country girl quotes. If you’re a country girl, then you can probably relate to almost every single quote in this list.


1. Marry Her

“If she’s holding a gun either run or marry her."

country girl - marry her

2. Keepers

“There is a name for girls who shoot guns, listen to country and ride fourwheelers…Keepers."

country girl - keepers

3. Big Bucks

“I like big bucks and I cannot lie."

country girl - big bucks

4. Hunting

“Girls make hunting look good."

country girl - hunting

5. Dress Pretty

“I may dress pretty but I can kick but when I need to."

country girl - dress pretty

6. Rare Gift

“Girls who like hunting, fishing and guns aren’t weird. They’re a rare gift!"

country girl - rare gift

7. Kitchen

“Likes hunting, likes fishing and she can hold her own kitchen."

country girl - kitchen

8. Personality

“A girl doesn’t have to wear jeans, a plaid shirt or cowgirl boots to prove she is country. Her personality should be all proof you need."

country girl - personality

9. Roll Your Windows Down

“Baby you a song you make me wanna roll my windows down and cruise."

country girl - roll your windows down

10. Yoga

“Hunting is relaxing like yoga..except I get to kill something."

country girl - yoga

11. Passion

“Let your passion run wild, hunt together."

country girl - passion


12. Camo Queen

“I’m 100% camo queen for life."

country girl - camo queen


13. Girls That Hunt

“Girls that hunt are sexier than girls that twerk."

country girl - girls that hunt

14. Country Music

“You can’t handle my level of country music addiction."

country girl - country music

15. Wrong Place

“I’m in my bed, you’re in your bed. One of us is in the wrong place."

country girl - wrong place

16. Country Divas

"Country divas know how to hunt ride on dirt roads bait a hook."

country girl - country divas

17. Getting Lost

“Getting lost is not waste of time."

country girl - getting lost

18. Stress Free

“Stress free area ahead."

country girl - stress free

19. Country

“No, it can’t be bought. It’s something you’re born with. That’s what country is.


20. Country Girls

“Country girls are just like normal girls. Only prettier, more fun and can shoot a gun. Oh and they like to fish and look good in camo."

country girl - country girls