Fake Sisters Quote

This world is full of fake people, and they are around us pretending to be nice with their fake smiles. One of the worst is fake sisters that pretend they care about you, but in reality, they are only after what they stand to gain from you.

They are hot and cold towards you for any reason. Real sisters are there for you no matter what, not depending on the context and what you’re doing or whether they’re bored that day and look to you to keep entertained.

If you have a fake sister as a friend, she may NEVER invite you to hang out with her friends, or they always come up with fabulous excuses about why they can’t hang out. If she makes plans with you and cancels at the last minute, she is fake and does not really like you, and she’s probably with the person they always make themselves available for.

We have compiled a list of 20 quotes that relate to fake sisters around us.

1. Family

“Family will stab you in the back faster than a friend will."

Fake Sisters Quote

2. Fake People

“Fake people don’t surprise me anymore, loyal people do."

fake sister

3. Cut Off Fake People

“Cut off fake people for real reasons, not real people for fake reasons."

fake people

4. People Actions

 “I am very cautious of people whose actions don’t match their words."Fake Sisters Quotes

5. Drifted Apart

 “I hate how we’ve drifted apart but then again, if you won’t make an effort to keep me in your life. Why should I"

funny sisters - drifted apart6. People Who Change

“Sometimes it’s not the people who change, it’s the mask that falls off."

funny sisters - people who change

7. I’m Not Fake

“I may not be perfect but at least I’m not fake."

funny sisters - I'm not fake8. Being Sisters

“Being sisters means you will always have back up."

being sisters

9. How You Made Me Feel

“If I could show you how awful you made me feel, you would never be able to look me in the eye again."

funny sisters - how you made me feel

10. Poisonous People

“Some of the poisonous people come disguised as friends and family."

funny sisters - poisonous people

11. Side By Side

“Side by side or miles apart we are sisters connected by the heart."

funny sisters - side by side

12. Beautiful Things

"Next time when you think of beautiful things don’t forget to count yourself in."

sisters - beautiful things

13. That Awkward Moment

“That awkward moment when you think you’re important to someone, and you’re not."

funny sisters - that awkward moment

14. Fake

“Fake, it’s the latest trend and everyone seems to be in style."

funny sisters - fake

15. My Real

“My real & your real ain’t the same that’s why we don’t click."

funny sisters - my real

16. The Grass

“The grass always looks greener, when it’s fake."

funny sisters - the grass

17. Follow Your Heart

“They say follow your heart but if your heart is in a million pieces which piece do you follow."

funny sisters - follow your hear

18. Caution

“Caution! I am allergic to fake people."

funny sisters - caution

19. Stay Real And Loyal

“Stay real, stay loyal , or stay away from me."

funny sisters - stay real and loyal

20. When You Need Something

“Oh, I’m sorry. I forgot I only exist when you need something."

funny sisters - when you need something