20 Comforting I Miss You Quotes

Life is all about experiencing different chapters, meeting new people, developing bonds with them, creating lasting relationships and loving each other. But, at times, people we love, cherish and care so much about have to go away. It’s inevitable. Going away may include going to a school in another town or country, getting a job far away from home and even passing on. Each one of us has gone through that emotional phase once or twice in our lives.

Sometimes, those people that we care so much about just decide to change due to some strange reasons that we may never understand. In other times, we fight and disagree and due to that, we may decide to part ways.

Whatever the circumstances that may have separated you, there will come a time when you will be missing someone you love and wish they were close to you. When you remember the good times that you spent together, the memories you created and the priceless moments that you gifted each other with, you will begin missing the other person and can use missing you quotes and sayings.

You may feel like you are strong enough to wait for them but missing someone is a very sad feeling. The more you think of a person, the more it hurts and usually, you will end up crying. No one is immune to that unbearable emotion. It will hit you so bad to a point where you can’t even think straight and all you will want to do is be by yourself and cry yourself to sleep.

But, don’t despair; there is a way to let the other person know exactly how you feel. It is said that words can launch a thousand ships, which is indeed true. Remember, the power of words must never be underestimated. Write a letter or call your loved one and let them know how you feel. Let the comforting I miss you quotes for him and for her in this article inspire you.

1) I miss every minute

I miss our conversations. I miss how we used to talk every minute of every day and how i was able to tell you everything that was on my mind

I Miss You Quotes


2) It hurts

I wanna write i miss you on a rock and throw it at your face so you know how much it hurts to miss you
I Miss You Quotes


3) I miss you so bad

I miss you so bad it hurts
I Miss You Quotes

4) I don’t know what to say

I miss you. I don’t know what else there is to say

I Miss You Quotes

5) I miss you too much

I miss you. A little too much. A little too often and a little more everyday

I Miss You Quotes

6) Day spent away from you

A day spent away from you is as good as a day not worth being alive. I miss you

I Miss You Quotes

7) I wish you were here

I miss you as soon as i wake up. I miss you when i’m about to sleep. I wish you were always here next to me

I Miss You Quotes

8) Thoughts of you

You may not be here with me but thoughts of you are always in my heart. I miss you dear

I Miss You Quotes

9) I will stop missing you

I will stop missing you when i am with you

I Miss You Quotes

10) When i close my eyes

When i close my eyes i see you. When i open my eyes i miss you

I Miss You Quotes

11) I just miss you

There’s no need to be apart from you for a thousand miles to miss you. There’s no need to be apart from you for a period of time to miss you. I just miss you

I Miss You Quotes

12) I’d rather be kissing you

I’d rather be kissing you than missing you

I Miss You Quotes

13) Every song i listen to

When i miss you it seems every song i listen to is about you

I Miss You Quotes

14) Not a single moment

There’s not a single moment in the whole day when i don’t miss youI Miss You Quotes

15) I miss you a lot

I just wondered how you are and if you miss me at all because i miss you a lot

I Miss You Quotes

16) I will keep on pretending

I want to say i miss you. But it wouldn’t change anything so i will just keep on pretending i don’t

I Miss You Quotes

17) How lucky i am

Distance never separates two hearts that really care, for our memories span the miles and in seconds we are there. But whenever i start feeling sad, because i miss you, i remind myself how lucky i am to have someone so special to miss

I Miss You Quotes

18) Come back to me

Ever since the moment you have gone away life is puncturing holes in my heart, day after day, let alone walk, talk and eat. I cant even breath properly. I just want this to end. Come back to me baby. I miss you
I Miss You Quotes


19) My first though

My first thought in the morning is always you

I Miss You Quotes

20) Handle pain

I thought i could handle the pain from being apart from you, but i can’t
I Miss You Quotes


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