Twenty One Pilots Quotes

Twenty One Pilots is an American musical duo. The band was formed in 2009 in Columbus, Ohio by college friends Tyler Joseph, Nick Thomas, and Chris Salih. Nick Thomas and Chris Salih left in 2011. The band currently consists of Joseph who is the lead vocalist along with drummer Josh Dun. The duo rose to fame in the mid-2010s after several years of touring and independent releases.

Twenty One Pilots’ music has resonated with so many people, particularly when it comes to discussing mental health. Tyler Joseph is a lyrical genius. He and Josh Dun pour out their insecurities, societal observations and personal truths in their inventive lyrics and quotes.

So whether you need a lyric to help you express how you’re feeling, or you just want to remind everyone on your feed how deep in the clique life you are, then this list of their finest lyrical quotes will help you.

Here are 20 of the best Twenty One Pilots quotes.

1. Do What You Want To Do

“You don’t have to fit a genre. You just do whatever you want to do."

Twenty one pilot quote - Do what you want to do

2. A Mortal Writing Piece

“I wanna strip myself a breath, a breathless piece of death I’ve made for you. A mortal writing piece of song will help me carry on."

twenty one pilots quote - a mortal writing piece

3. Fight It

“Fight it. Take the pain. Ignite it."

twenty one pilots quote - fight it

4. Until My Dying Days

“Sometimes we will die and sometimes we will fly away. Either way you’re by my side until my dying days."

twenty one pilots quote - until my dying days

5. No One Else

“No one else is dealing with your demons, meaning defeating them could be the beginning of meaning, friend."

twenty one pilots quote - no one else

6. When I Was Young

“Sometimes a certain smell will take me back to when I was young. How come I am never able to identify where it’s coming from."

twenty one pilots quote - when I was young

7. Queen Of Everything

“I will make you queen of everything you see."

twenty one pilots quote - queen of everything

8. Quiet Is Violent

“Sometimes quiet is violent."

twenty one pilots quote - quiet is violent

9. Start Over Each Morning

“Know this, you can start over each morning."

twenty one pilots quote - start every morning

10. Peace And Fear

“Peace will win and fear will lose."

twenty one pilots quote - peace and fear

11. Believe You Are Lovely

“I will make you believe you are lovely."

twenty one pilots quote - beleive you are lovely

12. Dying And Trying

“I’m dying and trying but believe me I’m fine but I’m lying, I’m so very far from fine."

twenty one pilots quote - dying and trying

13. I Don’t Fall Slow

‘I don’t fall slow like I used to; I fall straight down. You’ve stolen my air catcher that kept me safe and sound."

twenty one pilots quote - I don't fall slow

14. Deserts Of My Mind

“Hello, I’ve been traveling in the deserts of my mind and I haven’t found a drop of life."

twenty one pilots quote - desert of my time

15. Standing In Front Of You

“I’m standing in front of you. I’m trying to be so cool."

twenty one pilots quote - standing in front of you

16. Bump Hearts

“It ain’t speakers that bump hearts. It’s our hearts that make the beat."

twenty one pilots quote - bump hearts

17. Don’t Give Up

“Don’t give up. Push your droughts. Channel the inevitable disappointments into your craft. Break molds. Think. Create and most importantly, stay alive."

twenty one pilots quote - dont give up

18. Nothing Kills A Man

“Nothing kills a man faster than his own head. “

twenty one pilots quote - nothing kills a man

19. Songs On The Radio

“The songs on the radio are okay but my taste in music is your face."

twenty one pilots quote - songs on the radio

20. Assemble Weapons

“I begin to assemble what weapons I can find. Cause sometimes to stay alive you gotta kill your mind."

twenty one pilots quote - assemble weapons