20+ Carpe Diem Quotes

We have often heard the short phrase Carpe diem! But, what is it really and what does it mean? Well, carpe diem is a Latin aphorism that was used by the Roman poet, Horace, in his book, Odes, to mean “seize the day”. Carpe can be translated to mean “seize”, “make use of” or “enjoy” and

20+ Positive Thinking Quotes

Great, successful men and women in history have made it no secret that they think positively and live positively. Positive thinking has allowed these people to conquer the world, be successful, be prosperous in everything they do and be wealthy. Positive thinking quotes can help a person to get rid of fear, which is a stumbling

20+ Mother Daughter Quotes

Being a mother is hard, and so is being a daughter. Being a mother is not just about feeding a child, doing their laundry, playing with them, giving them toys to play with or providing for all their needs. It is much more than that. Being a mother involves offering emotional support, making sure that

20+ Quotes About Sisters

Sisters are in our lives as pillars of strength.We have very special bonds with them because they are there all the time, through all the good times, and the bad times too. We have known them for all of our lives and so, they become a part of our lives that we can’t live without.

20+ Relationship Quotes

Reading quotes about relationships can actually help us to see the best at those times when we are struggling and will remind us of how lucky we are just to have those amazing people in our lives. Renowned author and self-development speaker, Wayne Dyer, said this about relationships, “As you think so shall you be!

21+ Quotes about Happiness and Life

The late American singer and comedienne, Margaret Young, once said, “Often people attempt to live their lives backwards; they try to have more things, or more money, in order to do more of what they want, so they will be happier. The way it actually works is the reverse. You must first be who you

30+ Long Distance Relationship Quotes For Lovers

Long distance relationships are often taken for some challenges. After all, love is strengthened by the actual activities you do with your loved one. But then, these activities become irrelevant if you live too far away because you simply cannot share them. You cannot enjoy their presence, not to mention the physical contact. Sometimes, you

30+ Quotes About Love – Through Passionate People’s Eyes

Love can definitely be described in a series of different ways. Different people perceive it in completely different manners. One thing is sure though – love has nothing to do with culture, age, religion, sex or society. It simply shows up out of nowhere. It does not ask you how old you are or whether

20+ Heartwarming Quotes About Life and Love

Life and love are two separate, important parts that are intertwined and complement each other. Love makes life worth living. A life without love is meaningless, empty, difficult and worthless. Love gives us a reason to live and wake up each morning with hope, anticipation and a smile. This love could come from parents, siblings,

Top Quotes About Being Happy

It is hard to think of a more philosophically analyzed concept than happiness. Happiness has preoccupied the wise brains of humanity, even since the beginning. According to Aristotle, this is the sense and purpose of life – the entire finality of existence. Baruch Spinoza has also tried to meditate and come up with a meaning

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